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Adoption Process

Please fill out the application below if you are interested in adopting a bird


You've decided to look into adding a new friend into your life! A bird is a lifelong commitment that can bring boundless amounts of fun and joy. We pride ourselves on creating a sanctuary for birds who are in between homes and who deserve a loving forever family. We look to help place the right bird with the right family to ensure the best level of success for both the bird and new family.

Birds Of A Feather is currently the only non-profit in New Mexico. We strive to set a high level of quality care for all of the birds who come to stay with us. Our main concern is for the birds themselves and making sure they are healthy and happy. We look for families who want to give the same level of care and love as we do so that they can live a long happy life.

Here is an example of an adoption appointment

Birds of a Feather Adoption Application
Does anyone living in your home have the following?
Do you have a veterinarian?
Are any of the following impotant to you?
Do you live in:
Do you plan on moving out of state?
By checking the following, you agree that you understand each satement:

Thanks for submitting your application! Please allow us time to review your application and we will be in touch.

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