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Parrot Care Information

Parrots need a healthy, balanced diet that goes far beyond seed to live a long, happy life . Find out how to provide them complete nutrition here including recipes!

Parrots need an appropriate sized cage and bar spacing as well as plenty of toys to keep them safe and mentally healthy. Find out specifics here.

 Parrot Behavior 

Parrots are intelligent and complicated creatures. Click here to read more about their behavior, specific issues you may encounter and tips to help you bond with them.

Parrot Dangers

There are many dangers in our environment that can hurt or kill our parrots. Make sure you know what they are and how to avoid them.

Need help with something not mentioned above? Join our Facebook Group! Birds of a Feather "Parrot Talk" 

For urgent medical issues, please contact your local avian veterinarian. 

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