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At times we find that owning a bird full time just isn't a possibility. Even though that may be the case, fostering can always be a great alternative. Fostering helps to bring the love of a bird into your home, while you help to socialize and care for that bird in return.


We keep the process of becoming a Foster Parent as simple as possible. The application process is the same as adopting. Simply fill out the questionnaire fully, and after reviewing it, we will call you to set up an appointment for an interview.


As a Foster Parent, there will be certain responsibilities that you will be required to do. This includes keeping a notebook to document behavior and socializing of your bird. Keeping a notebook of these things help to give an adoptive family information that will help their bird to transition into their new home.


As a Foster Parent, you will also be required to travel to meet up with potential foster families. Being a part of this process will be helpful since you will be the full-time caretaker and will be able to help the potential families figure out if your foster bird is the best fit for them.


Please fill out one of the forms above and call or email us to set up an appointment!


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